Viktor Fremling is a photographer focusing on portraits, sports and commercial work. Based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Working as a graphic designer at a local newspaper introduced him to photography. The adventures and stories that the staff photographers told him drove him to buy a camera and get out in the world.

During one year he worked as a sailor in French Polynesia on board the tall ship SS. Star Flyer. Meanwhile he photographed the crew and built his portfolio that would later take him to the Nordic School of Photography at Biskop Arnö in Sweden.

In 2012 he got recognized in The Google Photography Prize as the Grand winner out of 20.000 students from 146 countries. He also won prestigious awards in the competition College Photographer of the Year in The United States. And received the Giuseppe Sciacca Award in the Vatican City.

2013 Viktor took his grandmothers family name Fremling. Until 2013 his works was shown under Viktor Johansson.